Crypto Football is mobile video game inspired by old fashion finger-based arcades.
Crypto Football is a billiard-be-like, football (soccer), strategy and 3D video game. It is competitive, emotional, turn & skill based game which relies on play & earn, web3 and NFT concepts and technologies.
Crypto Football is also free to play, live-time, player vs. player video game.
The game consists of Data Systems, Game Modes, and Game Elements.
The most exclusive game mode is the Official Season, which can reward players in BOLA tokens, based on their position on the Major Leaderboard (MLB).
Players advance and relegate through the League System. Also, players can level up their profiles which opens new in-game possibilities, upgrade and customize their teams, and communicate with their friends during the matches using emoticons.
Besides the Official Season matches, players can enjoy Private Matches, Tournaments, and special games through which they can score a lot of various rewards.
In the next phase of the game development, players will have the coach - Mister Pixi, who will lead them through the game. Mister Pixi will brin tasks to accomplish, levels to reach, skills to improve.