What is the Crypto Football Project?

The Crypto Football Project includes:
1. The Crypto Football video game,
2. The BOLA token and corresponding tokenomics,
3. Crypto Football NFT collections,
4. The business model of the Project.
Currently, the project is in an BETA phase, available on the Google Play and Apple Store. Thank you for your patience, we are working hard to improve the game and players experience. Please, keep in mind that some of the game features mentioned in the White paper have yet to be implemented.
Crypto Football game is a live-time, player vs. player, free-to-play and play and earn mobile video game inspired by old school, arcade, finger-based, sports games. Playing simple, very fun and addictive billiard-be-like football (soccer) against other worldwide players, players score goals, win matches, tournaments and seasons by winning valuable prizes. While playing the game, the player can improve the skill level of his Football Players and thereby increase the strength and aim of his entire team, thus increasing the possibility of winning better prizes. Finally, Professional Football players (NFTs) can be traded on the NFT marketplace, which is an additional source of income for the players.
The BOLA token is the utility crypto currency of the Crypto Football Game and the Project. It serves as a currency for rewarding players, but also for the trade of some of the project NFT collections, for the purchase of in-game Meta tokens, the organization of certain game modes, as well as for the operation of the project itself in the sense that the majority of the turnover of the entire project takes place precisely through the BOLA token, through which its usability is maximized.
Crypto Football NFT collections are the collections of non-fungible tokens connected with the Crypto Football Game and Project. Most of them are utility NFTs.
The Business model of the project is a set of rules and systems that enable a Project to be self-sustaining, to enable the growth of the project itself, enables the growth and earnings of players, investors, partners and clients of the project.